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Steaming system temperature control safety requirements

The steaming system temperature control is one of the low temperature refrigerators designed and produced by Wuxi Guanya LNEYA. The temperature range is from -5 °C to -150 °C. The secondary subcooling technology is adopted, the refrigeration is rapid, the refrigeration temperature is low, and the liquid is rapidly cooled. It is widely used in high-tech industries such as petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, pharmaceutical, military and so on.

Before using the steaming system to control the temperature, be sure to read the instruction manual and safety requirements, observe the safety requirements, and keep the instruction manual for the temperature control of the steaming system properly so that the operator can read it when they do not understand it.

The temperature control system needs to select the power supply according to the power supply size of LNEYA's appearance manual. Do not share the same power supply with other electrical appliances, so as to avoid danger caused by excessive temperature control load of the steaming system. The power supply controller should be grounded as much as possible and pay more attention to whether it is firm or not. Improper grounding results in electric shock.

Pay attention to the installation diagram, power supply diagram, communication diagram, electrical diagram and other drawings for temperature control of the steaming system to install, pay attention to the separation of strong and weak electricity, transformer input, relay according to the size requirements of the description, to ensure voltage input. Please also pay attention to the installation, the location should not be in the rain, snow, waste and sun exposure, do not touch the screen controller with sharp objects, or put too much pressure on the controller to avoid damage to the touch screen.

Pay attention to the accessories that protect the temperature control system from steaming, do not pull and twist the power cord and communication line to avoid malfunction. If the equipment meets maintenance needs, please contact the manufacturer and do not repair it yourself.

If there are other problems in the safety requirements of the temperature control system, or if you cannot solve the doubts in the manual, you are welcome to consult the technical staff of the professional manufacturer for guidance.
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