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How to remove ultra-low temperature refrigerator shell and tube condenser scale?

Low-temperature refrigerator ultra-low temperature condenser scale removal In general, we have three methods, namely mechanical descaling, chemical pickling and descaling, and electronic magnetic water separator descaling. Low-temperature refrigerator ultra-low temperature mechanical descaling is the use of soft shaft washing tube The method for descaling the condenser of the cooling pipe is particularly suitable for a vertical shell and tube condenser. The specific operation is to first withdraw the refrigerant in the condenser, and then close all the valves connected to the refrigeration system of the condenser to ensure the normal supply of the cooling water of the condenser, and then use the umbrella gear-shaped scraper coupled with the soft shaft washer. The riser of the condenser is rotated and descaled from top to bottom, and the circulating cooling water is used to cool the heat generated by the friction between the scraper and the pipe wall, and the dirt, rust and the like which are removed are flushed into the pool. Low-temperature refrigerator ultra-low temperature shell-and-tube condensers need to pay attention to prevent damage to the pipe wall during cleaning, to avoid the failure of low temperature refrigerators.

Followed by the chemical pickling and descaling method, the low-temperature condenser of the low-temperature refrigerator is cleaned by using the prepared weakly acidic descaling agent to remove the scale and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser. First, the descaling is prepared in the pickling tank. Solution, start the pickling pump, so that the detergent solution is circulated in the condenser tube for 24 hours, after which the scale is basically removed after 24 hours, then stop the pickling pump work, then use a round steel brush Pull the brush back and forth in the pipe wall of the condenser pipe, rinse the scale and rust with clean water, and then repeatedly clean the detergent solution remaining in the pipe with clean water until it is thoroughly clean. The chemical pickling and descaling method is suitable for vertical and lying. Shell and tube condenser.

How to remove the scale of the shell-and-tube condenser in the ultra-low temperature of the low-temperature refrigerator In addition to the above-mentioned method 2, there is an electronic magnetic water descaling method to treat the calcium, magnesium and other salts in the cooling water flowing through the condenser in a positive and negative ion state at normal temperature. Dissolved in water, can effectively prevent the formation of new scale, but also can remove the original scale, and because the expansion coefficient of the steel pipe and scale in the condenser is different, the original scale gradually cracks, and the magnetized water is uninterrupted. The ground invades its cracks, destroying the adhesion of the original scale, making it gradually loose and falling off on its own and continuously taken away by the circulating cooling water.

Once the low-temperature condenser of the low-temperature refrigerator has scale, the thermal resistance will continue to increase, resulting in a continuous decrease in the heat transfer coefficient, which makes the refrigeration effect worse and worse. Therefore, once the condenser is found to have scale, it must be checked in time. Remove scale.
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