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Popularization of knowledge of Semiconductor Back-End Test high and low temperature control system

The Semiconductor Back-End Test high and low temperature control system is a necessary testing equipment for the metal, component, electronic and other material industries. It is used to test the degree of endurance of material structures or composite materials in a continuous environment of high and low temperatures in an instant. It can detect chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in a short time.

The Semiconductor Back-End Test high and low temperature control system has simple and convenient operation performance and reliable equipment performance. The high and low temperature test of semiconductor chips has a wide range of applications. It can be used for electronic and electrical components, automation components, communication components, auto parts, metals, and chemicals. Materials and other industries, defense industry, aerospace, BGA, PCB substrate, electronic chip IC, semiconductor ceramics and physical changes in polymer materials.

Need to pay special attention to not easily open during use, the main reasons are as follows:

Semiconductor Back-End Test high and low temperature control system is a test box that simulates the environment. When in use, there may be a variety of relatively extreme environments in the test box, such as low temperature, high temperature and high pressure, high temperature and high humidity and other special conditions.

If the test box is undergoing a low temperature test of -70℃, open the test box door at this time, and the cold air flow will overflow the test box first. If our fingers touch the test box wall sample without any protection, it will instantly freeze , The muscle tissue at the frostbite site may even die. In addition, opening the door of the test chamber at a lower temperature may cause frosting of the evaporator, which will affect the cooling rate, and may even cause problems such as damage to the compressor.

If the door of the test box is opened during the test at a high temperature of 150℃ in the test box, the high temperature gas will instantly rush out of the test box. If the relevant protection is not done, it is very likely to burn our face. If there is a low ignition point next to the test box Combustible materials may even cause fire.

If it is other environmental test equipment, such as the constant temperature and humidity test box, the pressure and steam in the instrument will be very large when the test box is in high temperature and humidity. If the door of the test box is opened at this time, there will be high temperature and high humidity steam. Rushing out of the test box is more likely to cause serious burns to the operator.

Therefore, during the operation of the Semiconductor Back-End Test high and low temperature control system, if it is not necessary to open the door of the test chamber, please do not open the door of the test chamber. If you need to open the door of the test chamber halfway, please take relevant protective measures. Use the correct method to open.
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