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The consequences of the screw refrigerator not returning oil and the treatment method

In the cooling operation of the screw refrigerator, if the refrigerant is in contact with the lubricating oil, the lubricating oil in the compressor will enter the condenser with the operation of the refrigeration system and the gaseous or misty refrigerant, and the oil separator is encountered. If the effect is not good or the refrigeration system is not well designed, it will cause problems such as poor oil return. If the screw chiller has a problem of oil return, it will cause the lubricating oil to stay in the refrigeration cycle. Once the oil film is increased, the heat transfer effect will be poor, resulting in poor cooling performance. At the same time, the screw chiller is also missing due to the lack of lubricating oil. It will cause the screw chiller to be inoperable and need to replenish the lubricating oil, but the lubricating oil in the pipeline will be more and more, which will continuously reduce the reliability of the screw chiller operation.

The solution to the oil return of the screw refrigerator is mainly the oil separator and the return pipe return oil. The oil separator is installed on the exhaust pipe of the compressor, which can separate a part of the oil. The oil return effect is good and the speed is fast, which effectively reduces the amount of oil entering the refrigeration system pipeline, thereby effectively prolonging the oil-free operation time.

However, if it is a screw refrigeration system with a long pipeline, if it does not return oil after 10 minutes or even 20 minutes, it may be caused by unreasonable design of the refrigeration system. Such a refrigeration system can extend the oil return time of the compressor after the oil separator is installed, so that the compressor does not return to the oil state after the power is turned on, and the undissolved lubricating oil enters the screw refrigerator refrigeration system, and The refrigerant forms an oil circulation in the pipeline.

Therefore, the design of the screw refrigeration system refrigeration system is conducive to oil return. The common practice is to use a descending pipeline design to ensure the air flow speed. If it is a relatively low temperature refrigeration system, in addition to selecting an efficient oil separator, Special solvents are also needed to prevent clogging of the tubing and help the refrigeration system to return oil.

At the same time, it should be noted that do not start the compressor frequently, because the compressor is frequently started, it is not conducive to the return of the screw chiller system. The shorter the compressor running time, the longer the pipeline will be, and the more serious the oil return problem will be, so LNEYA It is not recommended to start the compressor frequently.

In addition, the screw chiller refrigeration system needs to clean the oil filter and replenish the refrigerant in time, and once the component fails, it is timely maintained.
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