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SUNDI Cooling And Heating System-R & D testing of organic synthetic materials and fine chemicals

LNEYA's customer is a research institute engaged in the research, development and production of high-performance, environmentally-friendly new organic materials and fine chemicals.图片无替代文字
The adhesives produced by customers can be used in integrated circuits, quartz crystals, printed circuit boards, etc .; engineering plastics are used in aerospace, electronics and electrical, precision machinery, office automation equipment, instruments and meters. One of the characteristics of the product is high temperature resistance and ultra low temperature. In this way, it can better meet the bonding of semiconductor packaging, quartz crystal component potentiometer lead-out electrodes, and other electronic components. long-term use.
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Then during the R & D and production process, the product's high temperature resistance and ultra low temperature performance need to be tested before it can be put into production. LNEYA's cooling and heating system SUNDI series has a control temperature range of -120 ℃ to 350 ℃, superior performance and high precision, continuous control can be achieved in the range of -80 ℃ to 190 ℃, ultra-low temperature cooling technology can be directly Let it cool down.

The SUNDI series uses high-efficiency plate heat exchangers to reduce the need for hot fluid utilization, while enabling the system to achieve rapid temperature rise and fall. The whole system is a closed liquid circulation system, with the expansion of the container, the thermal insulation of the expansion container and the liquid circulation are adiabatic, it does not participate in the liquid circulation, only through mechanical connections. High cooling power from 0.5 to 1200kW, the highest production stability and repeatable temperature control, extending the thermal conductivity of the liquid, no need to change the liquid medium during the cooling and heating operation, single-fluid medium temperature control, saving production costs

Typical applications include temperature control of steam-feed systems, low-temperature aging testing of materials; constant temperature control of combined chemical cold-source heat sources, cooling and heating of semiconductor equipment, and heating-temperature control of vacuum chambers.
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