-220 °C refrigerator installation instructions

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The appearance and weight of different models of -220 °C refrigerator are different, so the installation is also important.

-220 °C refrigerator should be placed indoors, should be placed in a solid and flat place, in order to reduce the vibration during the opening operation, you can put a layer of 12 ~ 20mm damping rubber between the -220 ° C refrigerator chassis and foundation Pads, installed and fixed according to the instructions, generally there will be professional and technical personnel to operate at this time, but also pay attention to the surrounding should have a certain space for operation, inspection, maintenance and use. The tools to be transported can be transported by forklift or by lifting with steel cables. However, we recommend using the latter because it avoids the strong impact during handling and the risk of damage.

The -220 °C refrigerator piping system shall be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as filters, water flow switches and water pressure gauges. The chilled water piping system shall be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as water flow switch, water pressure gauge, thermometer, differential pressure bypass valve and expansion water tank. Be sure to pay attention to the range of the power supply voltage. If the customer’s power supply system is not sufficient, on the one hand, it will not start normally, and then it may cause serious damage to the motor. When wiring installation, be sure to pay attention to the accuracy of the line. If the connection is not correct, it will not operate normally.

No matter where the -220 °C refrigerator is installed, it is recommended to read the instruction manual carefully before installation. If you encounter an installation problem that you do not understand, you can contact the relevant manufacturer’s technical personnel.

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