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Refrigeration control system compressor failure caused by oil pressure

If there is no oil pressure in the refrigeration control system, check the oil pump piping system connection for oil leakage or blockage. If the connection is loose, the joint should be tightened. If it is blocked, the oil pipeline should be cleared. Then check whether the compressor of the refrigeration control system is too large due to the opening of the oil pressure regulating valve or the valve core is detached. If the hydraulic pressure regulating valve of the refrigeration control system is improperly adjusted, adjust the oil pressure regulating valve and adjust the oil pressure to the required value. If the valve core is detached, the valve core should be reinstalled and tightened. If there is too little oil in the crankcase of the refrigeration control system or there is refrigerant, the oil pump will not enter the oil. If the oil is too small, it should be timely. Refueling, if it is the latter, stop in time to eliminate the refrigerant. Pay attention to the oil pump. If the oil pump wears out seriously, the clearance will be too large, causing the oil pressure to not come up. In this case, the oil pump should be repaired and replaced directly if the fault is serious. The timely cooling control system checks whether the connecting rod bearing bush, the main bearing bush, the connecting rod small head bushing and the piston pin have been seriously worn, and the relevant parts are replaced in time, and the rear end cover gasket of the crankcase is misplaced, blocking the intake of the oil pump. The oil passage should be disassembled and the position of the gasket should be re-fixed.

Of course, the oil temperature of the refrigeration control system needs to be in the normal range. If the oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to check in time whether the shaft and the tile are improperly assembled, and the clearance is too small. The size of the shaft and tile assembly clearance should be adjusted so that the clearance meets the standard requirements. It is. Next, check the lubricating oil for impurities, which will cause the bearing bush to be pulled. For this, the brushed bushing should be flattened and replaced with new oil. If the tile is severely pulled, replace the new tile. Then check that the shaft seal friction ring is installed too tightly or the friction ring is pulled, and the shaft seal friction ring is re-adjusted in time. If the friction ring is severely pulled, replace the new friction ring. If the suction and exhaust temperatures of the compressor of the refrigeration control system are too high, the system's liquid supply valve should be properly adjusted to restore the suction and exhaust temperatures to normal.

Overall, the refrigeration control system compressor failure solution is not as simple as imagined, so we need our operators to know more about our refrigeration control system and have enough knowledge to face these faults.
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