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What should I do if the 30p Refrigerated chiller compressors are overheated?

When users purchase 30p Refrigerated chiller, they understand the internal configuration. The compressor is an important accessory in 30p Refrigerated chiller. If it overheats, 30p Refrigerated chiller will be unavailable, then 30p Refrigerated chiller. How to solve the overheating of the compressor?

The compression ratio of any type of 30p Refrigerated chiller should not be too large. The compression ratio is easy to understand, that is, the ratio of the degree of compression of the gas, for example, the previous gas is 10, and the compression is 1, the compression ratio is very high, so it can be concluded that if the compression is high and the value is large, then It is certain that the compressor's work load will be larger, no doubt. If the compression ratio is too high, the load on the compressor will become large. When the load is large, the work efficiency will decrease and the power consumption will increase. Since the compression ratio of the compressor is increased, the internal temperature is higher, which not only affects the properties of the refrigerant, but also may cause the viscosity of the lubricating oil to decrease, the lubricating effect to be low, and the lubricating oil that does not function as a function in the compressor. , will lead to increased compressor wear rate.

In addition, the high pressure, that is, the exhaust pressure, will also become higher due to the increase of the compression ratio, which will bring a greater heat dissipation burden to the condenser. If the fan or the water cooling system cannot improve the heat dissipation capacity, the heat dissipation effect of the condenser may be deteriorated. The 30p Refrigerated chiller system will not be able to handle the heat dissipation of the equipment.

If the compression ratio of 30p Refrigerated chiller is too high, it should be checked for blockage. It is recommended to replace the filter. The filter can improve the filter to filter the impurities that may be generated by the 30p Refrigerated chiller system and the impurities that may be generated in the frozen oil. To prevent blockage of pipes and valves. It is necessary to consider whether the shortage of refrigerant causes the suction pressure. If the suction pressure is too high, the compression ratio is too high and the exhaust temperature is too high. That is, the compression ratio as well as the exhaust pressure and the exhaust temperature can be lowered by increasing the suction pressure. It is also possible to perform separate additional cooling of the compressor, and also to solve the problem that the exhaust pressure is too high and the exhaust temperature is too high when the compression ratio is too high. Consider choosing the right refrigerant to control the compression ratio of the compressor.

Once the 30p Refrigerated chiller compressor has overheated, it needs our operators to solve it in time. If an unknown fault occurs, you can contact 30p Refrigerated chiller after-sales personnel to solve it.

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