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Reactor heating hot cooling system instructions

The reaction heating and cooling system of the reaction kettle realizes the material reaction equipment during the reaction process of the material. The heating and cooling system of the LNEYA reaction kettle needs to pay attention to the reaction process and effect of the material during the use process, and maintain the temperature balance.
During the use of the reactor heating and cooling system, often the operator will be too eager to turn the machine to a larger value when the machine is just operating. In fact, this method is often counterproductive and the machine is in a shutdown state. Next, suddenly increase the stirring impeller to carry out the material reaction, which will cause the operation load of the machine. Based on this case, the reactor agitator is easy to reverse, if there is no body reversal at that time, it will cause stirring. The device is deformed. Moreover, in addition to deformation, it also causes the body temperature to rise rapidly and damage the mechanical properties.
In the reactor heating hot cooling system, the temperature rise of the kettle body is also a reasonable phenomenon during the long-term operation, but it is afraid that the temperature will rise to the rated temperature, and the reaction of the material will be affected at that time. In this case, the cooling of the reactor installation The system performs the cooling effect in time under the action of manual adjustment. Another point that needs to be reminded is that during the cooling process, the cycle should be emphasized and the temperature difference should be avoided.
In the heating and heating system of the reactor, the temperature change of the reactor is affected. The more the material processing, the higher the temperature of the reactor. The equipment operator may be reminded that the reactor temperature may be too high. It is normal to not reach the desired temperature within the specified time.
LNEYA specializes in the production of various temperature control systems to solve various temperature control problems. (This article source network, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you.)
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