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Reactor Heating Circulator Related Instructions

Currently, reactor heating circulators are used more in the chemical industry. So, what do users need to pay attention to after purchasing?

With the development of society, the process level of reactor heating circulators is becoming more and more complicated. For some special processes, LNEYA continuously develops its own technology, and the professional R&D team specially introduces high flow, smooth operation and special customized high temperature shaft seals. It is guaranteed to not leak water; the refrigeration effect is obvious, and the reactor heating circulator is installed with the overheat protection device to extend its service life.

The reactor heating circulator should be carefully opened when unpacking, and the equipment and objects in the box must not be damaged. After the reactor heating circulator is unpacked, the random data should be kept by a special person to check whether the equipment and articles in the box match the packing list. Do not lose random items and damaged equipment in the reactor heating circulator.

When the reactor heating circulator is installed on site, first check whether the components of the product are complete, whether the components are defective, and reconfirm whether the performance parameters indicated on the product nameplate meet the requirements.

The reactor heating circulator uses the heat exchange principle to lower the temperature of the chilled water through the heat exchanger. The refrigeration compressor compresses the high-pressure, high-temperature and gaseous refrigerant, which is converted into a normal-temperature liquid refrigerant by heat exchange in the condenser, and the expansion expansion valve is throttled and expanded into a low-pressure, low-temperature, gaseous refrigerant, and the evaporator is exchanged for heat exchange. The temperature is reduced to the required temperature.

The reactor heating circulator is equipped with automatic alarm function and safety self-checking function to monitor the operation of the equipment at any time. The water-type high-temperature mold temperature machine adopts direct/indirect cooling, and the cooling effect is suitable. The automatic direct water supply device can quickly cool down to the set temperature. .

The reactor heating circulator is small in size, light in weight and simple in operation. The reactor heating circulator can provide cooling circulating water according to production requirements to cool the equipment or provide hot water to raise the temperature, and the temperature can be kept constant within the range. Built-in safety protection, low noise, stable and durable.

There are certain differences in the quality and configuration of different manufacturers of reactor heating circulators. Users can judge the use according to the reactor heating circulator purchased by themselves.
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