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Hot and cold rapid temperature change test chamber common fault

In the high-temperature test of the hot and cold rapid temperature change test chamber, once the temperature change does not reach the test temperature value, in this case, the electrical system can be inspected and the faults can be eliminated one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, it is necessary to check the air circulation system to see if the regulating baffle of the wind cycle is normal. On the contrary, check whether the motor of the wind cycle is running normally. If the temperature is too high, you need to set the PID setting parameters. If the temperature rises directly and the temperature is over-protected, the controller fails and the control instrument must be replaced.

If the cold and hot rapid temperature change test chamber does not reach the test index during the operation, it is necessary to observe whether the temperature change is very slow, or the temperature has a rising trend after the temperature reaches a certain value. The former must check First, do the drying of the working chamber before the low temperature test, keep the studio dry and then put the test sample into the working room and then test it. If the test sample in the working room is too much, the wind in the working room cannot be fully circulated. After eliminating the above reasons, it is necessary to consider whether it is a fault in the refrigeration system, so it is necessary to ask the professional of the manufacturer for maintenance. The latter phenomenon is caused by the poor use of the equipment. The ambient temperature at which the equipment is placed and the position where it is placed (the distance between the back of the cabinet and the wall) must meet the requirements.

In the hot and cold rapid temperature change test chamber, if the actual humidity will reach a high point or the actual humidity will differ greatly from the target humidity, it may be caused by the drying of the gauze on the wet bulb sensor. Then check the sink of the wet bulb sensor. Whether there is water shortage in the water, the water level in the water tank is automatically controlled by a water level controller. Check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal and the water level controller works normally. Another possibility is that the wet gauze is hardened due to the long use time or the purity of the water supply, so that the gauze becomes hard and the gauze can not absorb moisture and is dry. The above phenomenon can be eliminated by replacing or cleaning the gauze. The latter phenomenon is mainly because the humidification system does not work. Check the water supply system of the humidification system, whether there is a certain amount of water in the water supply system, whether the water level control of the humidification boiler water level is normal, and whether the water level in the humidification boiler is normal. If everything above is normal, then check the electrical control system, which should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

The failure of the hot and cold rapid temperature change test chamber needs to be solved in time to avoid the impact of some faults and cause equipment damage.
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