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Analysis of Static Strength of Battery Box in Power Battery Test and Analysis System

The battery box of new energy vehicles is one of the core components of electric vehicles. Designing high-strength, high-rigidity, high-security, high-lightweight battery boxes is of great significance to the development of electric vehicles. Overly simplified battery box models will lead to The severe distortion of the response, which in turn affects subsequent structural optimization. In order to accurately analyze the structural response of the battery box, the internal components of the battery, the battery rod, the stud, and the like are retained, and the battery pack, the bracket, the pressure plate, the reinforcing plate, the fastening bolt, and the like are established. The BMS electrical accessories and the refined model of the outer casing are used to study the static performance of the battery box by using the quality point model and the refined model respectively. By contrast, the structural response of the refined battery box model is more realistic.

New energy battery test needs to pay attention to, if the number of batteries is too much, taking into account the modeling time, calculation amount, contact surface, the battery pack composed of 12 batteries is regarded as an entity, the magnitude of the force transmission and the path quality point More precise, retain the main force-transmitting components of the battery pack, such as the upper pressing rod, the inner pressing rod, the fixing bolt and the outer casing, to ensure that the inertial impact force of the battery pack acts on the bottom plate of the box in a precise path; consider the battery pack and the bottom plate, and press The contact between the rod and the battery pack is nonlinear, ensuring that the inertial impact force of the battery pack acts on the bottom plate of the cabinet in a precise size.

In general, the static strength of the battery box analyzed by Wuxi Guanya's power battery test and analysis system is closely related to the performance of its new energy power battery. Only by ensuring the high-performance operation of the power battery can the efficient operation of the new energy cloud car.

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