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How to choose a power battery test evaporator?

The corrosion of ferrous metals by salt water is very strong, and its corrosion is more severe when it comes into contact with air. Therefore, as far as the production process permits, closed loops should be used as much as possible. For volatile refrigerant circulation systems, a closed cycle must be used. In both cases, the horizontal battery tube evaporator is a suitable choice for the power battery test group. The tank immersed evaporator is used in an open circulation system with a non-volatile coolant. This type of evaporator is preferred for production processes that use iced ice cubes to make ice. Water tank immersed evaporators can also be used for power battery test refrigeration systems that cool or freeze bagged food in brine and concentrated spray air conditioning.

When the power battery test uses a tank immersed or shell-and-tube evaporator, the working temperature of the brine should be about 5 °C higher than the refrigerant evaporator temperature, and the freezing point of the brine should be 5-8 lower than the refrigerant evaporation temperature. °C (take 5 to 6 °C for the tank immersed evaporator and 6 to 8 °C for the shell and tube evaporator). For the power battery test, the cooling fan is usually used to increase the cooling temperature. For the freezing of the small cold storage, the shelf type pipe or the wall pipe and the top pipe can be used. For the low-evaporation power battery test evaporator, Note the effect of the height of the refrigerant liquid column on the evaporative temperature of the power battery test. The lower the evaporation temperature, the greater the influence of the liquid column. Therefore, certain measures should be taken to reduce the height of the liquid column in the evaporator.

The operation of the evaporator for the power battery test is relatively convenient, so it is better to choose the evaporator of the brand as much as possible.

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