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Effect of oil separator on ultra-low temperature refrigerator

In ultra-low temperature chillers, oil separators are an important accessory. In most cryogenic refrigerators, there are oil separators. What are the effects of oil separators on cryogenic refrigerators?

Needless to say, the position of the cryogenic refrigerator oil separator is after the exhaust port of the compressor, that is, the oil separator is located behind the compressor, and this is because it is only carried out in the compressor compression chamber. After compression, the refrigerant is mixed with the chilled lubricating oil. After being discharged from the compressor, the oil separation operation is required. The oil separation is the separation of the chilled lubricating oil.

After the cryogenic refrigerator and the refrigerant are compressed in the compressor compression cylinder, they are discharged from the exhaust end of the compressor. What happens if there is no separation device for freezing the lubricating oil? The frozen lubricating oil and the refrigerant will enter the condenser, and the condenser will not work normally. Because there is no way to ensure the condensation effect, and the frozen lubricating oil cannot be condensed, it is necessary to separate the frozen lubricating oil from the refrigerant before it can be normal. Condensing refrigerant!

Of course, the ultra-low temperature refrigeration oil separator will separate the mixture of refrigerant and oil, and the effect will greatly affect the normal operation of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator. If the separation effect is good, the refrigeration performance of the entire cryogenic refrigerator will be very good, and if the separation effect is poor, the refrigeration performance of the entire cryogenic refrigerator will be poor, because if the refrigerant and the frozen lubricating oil cannot be completely completed, Separation, a small part of the frozen lubricating oil will go into the condenser with the refrigerant gas, which will affect the condensation effect of the condenser!

If there is no cryogenic refrigeration oil separator to recover, precipitate, and cool the frozen lubricating oil, and then continue to supply to the compressor, the compressor will lose lubrication, the parts will wear more, the heat dissipation will be greatly improved, and the components will wear out. The degree may cause the compressor to malfunction or even be damaged in a very short time!

The performance of the oil separator is important for the operation of the cryogenic refrigerator, so the choice of the brand oil separator is also a concern for the user.

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