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Analysis of Common Faults in New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Test System

If the new energy vehicle power battery pack leaks, the general fault manifestation mode: the meter OK light does not light, the meter prompts to check the power system, the high voltage system leakage fault, disconnect the battery pack and the body all connections (positive and negative lead, sampling line interface) .

Close the maintenance switch assembly, multimeter test battery pack parameters: closed maintenance switch, use a multimeter to measure the total voltage of the power battery V, use a multimeter to measure the positive and body voltage V1, use a multimeter to measure the negative and body voltage V2, multimeter pen replacement Parallel fixed value resistance meter pen, and set the gear position to the resistance file, measure the fixed value resistance value R, multimeter table position back to the DC voltage file, measure the parallel resistance, the positive pole and the body voltage V1, measure the parallel resistance, the negative pole and the body After the voltage V2 is measured, disconnect the maintenance switch.

If a new energy vehicle battery encounters a temperature-type fault, it means that the vehicle does not have an OK file. The instrument panel indicates that the power battery temperature is too high. After a temperature alarm occurs, the manager, the wiring harness, and the like need to be excluded (replacement manager, The manager and the battery pack are connected to the sampling harness); if the fault persists after the replacement, it is judged that the power battery is faulty.

Wuxi Guanya New Energy Battery Cooling Test System Platform reminds that if the power battery is seriously unbalanced, check the vehicle for full charge and charge, and switch BMS test 80%, 50%, 0% single-cell battery voltage data flow, observe and compare If the low battery voltage is the same, the fault still replaces the power battery.

If there are other faults in the battery pack in the automotive power battery test system, it is recommended to contact the battery manufacturer for processing.

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