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Start-up work for new energy thermal management

In the pipeline selection of new energy thermal management, if the use of improper/damaged hoses and/or hose joints will result in injury, the new energy thermal management is limited by the temperature, caliber, installation method, etc. Tube, metal insulation hose temperature range -60 ~ 250 ° C; pressure ≤ 2.5 bar.

When the new energy thermal management configures the metal insulation hose and other pipelines carefully, when referring to its pressure and overpressure capability, caliber and temperature range, consider the lift pressure of the circulating pump inside the equipment. New energy thermal management should choose pipelines with good quality and sufficient volume such as seamless steel pipe as much as possible. The pipeline connection between new energy thermal management and controlled objects should be as short as possible to reduce bending. When the pressure of the new energy thermal management circulation pipeline is too large, the pipeline pressure is insufficient, the pipeline and the reactor will be cracked, and the high temperature and low temperature heat conduction medium may be sprayed, which may cause personnel injury, burns, frostbite and ignition. The possibility of flammable materials, etc.; the pollution caused by the loss of reactants, property damage, and even the possibility of poisoning. The connection of new energy thermal management pipelines should be sealed and firm, with measures such as anti-vibration, grounding, rust prevention and pressure keeping, which can effectively prevent cracks from leaking and corrosion of pipelines;

New energy thermal management The selection of thermal insulation materials should first consider the temperature range of new energy thermal management equipment. It is important to select flame retardant materials. The temperature range of thermal insulation materials should include the temperature range of this new energy thermal management equipment, and have a temperature greater than 30 °C. margin. When the user ignores this problem, there is a possibility of fire. The insulation material package should be sufficient, otherwise the equipment control will not achieve the expected effect.

Other components of the new energy thermal management pipeline include valve components, gaskets, pressure gauges, cooling towers, cooling water pumps, etc. In order to ensure the stable operation of new energy thermal management equipment, the temperature range, pressure range and use of these components should be fully considered. Environment, use media, power and other parameters.

The management of new energy thermal management equipment should be carefully read the corresponding instructions, and then detailed preparations should be made before the corresponding preparations.
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