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How to clean the battery cooling system of new energy vehicles?

The battery cooling system of the new energy model first unscrews the three screws on the upper part of the wet curtain, holds the louvers on the upper part of the wet curtain, gently pulls the wet curtain outward and then lifts it up slightly to remove the wet curtain. Then remove the top cover and the water distribution pipe assembly, unscrew the screw on the top cover, lift the top cover up, remove the hose clamp on the water pipe cooling fan and loosen the water supply pipe. The assembly is lifted up and taken down.

Do not forget to clean the system water pipe. If the hole in the water pipe is clogged, you can poke it with a wire, and then clean the stain on the water pipe with clean water.

The cleaning of the chassis and accessories of the battery cooling system of new energy vehicles should also follow the steps:

1. Cleaning the chassis: The chassis can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a brush.

2. Clean the blades: Wipe the blades with a soft air blower. Be careful not to let dust from the blades fall into the duct.

3. Cleaning the water level sensor: The small dirt cloth can be used to clean the dirt on the water level.

4. Washing the water pump: The brush and the dirt on the filter net can be washed clean with a brush.

5. Washing the clothes drain valve: pay attention to the dirt at the bottom of the drain valve.

For wet curtain cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the wet curtain from the inside to the outside with water (Note: the water pressure during cleaning should not be too high. It is strictly forbidden to use the acid or alkaline detergent to clean the wet curtain. Please note that the filter can be taken out once a week. Wash once. (Only it has a filter model).

The cleaning of the filter of the battery cooling system of the new energy vehicle can be used to twist the filter back cover, remove the dirt on the filter element and then put back the back cover. After cleaning, install the battery cooling system of the new energy vehicle in the reverse order. Return to the machine.

When cleaning the system, you need to pay attention to stopping the power supply to avoid some faults.

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