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Motor test chiller compressor causes wear

Motor testing chiller oil quality may be one of the main reasons affecting crankshaft wear. If the engine oil is used in the chiller refrigeration system, the engine oil that does not meet the requirements and is of poor quality may cause crankshaft wear. High-speed multi-cylinder compressors have high requirements for the quality and lubrication performance of the motor test chiller oil due to high speed, high load and high exhaust gas temperature.

Motor test chiller refrigeration compressor oil selection in addition to the choice of compressor type, but also according to the type of refrigerant used in the refrigeration system, commonly used ammonia, R23 and R22 and R404a, etc., taking into account the motor Test the chiller operating conditions (such as exhaust temperature, pressure, etc.) of the refrigeration system when different refrigerants are used, all of which will affect the lubrication conditions of the refrigeration oil, so the choice of motor to test the chiller oil must consider the refrigerant used, This is related to the mutual solubility of the refrigerant, high and low temperature performance, no water content, and high chemical inertness with the refrigerant.

If the viscosity of the oil is too low and the lubricating oil is not clean, the motor will test the chiller crankshaft for abnormal wear and damage. Therefore, the refrigerating machine oil of suitable quality and suitable viscosity grade must be selected in strict accordance with the technical specifications of the motor test chiller compressor. In addition, in the process of using the motor to test the chiller, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning of the lubrication system, clean the compressor regularly, and replace the new oil to ensure that the crankshaft of the compressor is always in a good lubrication state.

Motor test chiller operation often occurs in the wet stroke, the compressor wet stroke is the liquid into the crankcase, mixed with the frozen oil and foam. The lubrication effect of the friction parts of the motor test chiller is reduced to increase the wear. The use of high-efficiency oil separators and adjustment of refrigeration conditions can effectively prevent the wet stroke phenomenon of the refrigeration system.

The motor test chiller crankshaft upper axle and connecting rod bushings are mostly made of babbitt. Motor testing of impurities or wear metal particles in the chiller alloy can cause increased crankshaft wear if embedded in the metal layer. Therefore, the motor test chiller should use high quality bearing pads or periodically replace the bearing pads to prevent or slow the crankshaft wear.

The motor test chiller runs more in the new energy vehicle motor test, so it needs specific attention to its operating state to ensure efficient operation.
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