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Cold and hot one mold temperature machine maintenance method description

In the process of using the hot and cold integrated mold temperature machine, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and repair. Then, LNEYA will share with you the maintenance method of the hot and cold integrated mold temperature machine.

Regularly check the safety valve. The condenser and evaporator on the hot and cold integrated mold temperature machine belong to the pressure vessel. According to the regulations, the safety valve should be installed on the high pressure end of the unit, that is, the condenser body, once the unit is in an abnormal working environment. When it is down, the safety valve can automatically relieve pressure to prevent high pressure damage to the human body. Regularly change the lubricating oil. After long-term use, the oil quality of the lubricating oil will deteriorate, and the impurities and moisture inside the oil will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and check the oil quality regularly. Once the problem is found, it should be replaced in time. The replacement lubricant grade must comply with the technical data.

The condenser and the evaporator are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The cooling water of the water-cooled condenser is an open loop. The tap water generally used is recycled through the cooling tower, which is easily decomposed and deposited on the cooling water pipe to form scale. Heat transfer. Excessive fouling also reduces the flow cross section of the cooling water, reduces the amount of water, and increases the condensing pressure. Therefore, when the water quality of the cooling water used is poor, the cooling water pipe is cleaned at least once a year to remove scale and other dirt in the pipe.

The compressor is tested regularly, and the compressor is a very critical component in the unit. The quality of the compressor directly affects the stability of the unit when it is used. If the compressor fails and is repaired, the cost is relatively high, and the installation accuracy of the compressor is high. It is necessary to find a qualified professional engineer to test. Regularly dry filter replacement, the drying filter is an important part to ensure the normal circulation of the refrigerant. Since water and refrigerant are incompatible with each other, if the system contains moisture, it will greatly affect the operating efficiency of the unit. Therefore, it is very important to keep the internal drying of the system. The filter element inside the drying filter must be replaced regularly.

The maintenance plan of the hot and cold one mold temperature machine needs to be carried out on schedule, and the maintenance cannot be ignored. If the operator is not able to carry out the maintenance work well, you can contact the manufacturer for technical guidance and maintenance.
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