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Maintenance method of minus 17 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator

After the long-term use of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator of minus 17 °C, it is necessary to carry out certain maintenance work. If the user does not know how to carry out the maintenance work, you can contact the manufacturer to obtain the relevant maintenance methods.

The sub-17°C ultra-low temperature refrigerator compressor unit must change the refrigerating oil once a year, or decide whether to change the oil in advance according to the actual situation or the analysis of the oil product. Replace the oil filter when the oil pressure drops by 30% or the unit is running for half a year. Also check the presence of metal shavings in the filter to confirm the internal wear of the unit. Check and tighten the pipe connection of the spool and check the solenoid valve coil of the spool. Also check the insulation of the motor, add grease or lubricant to the motor bearings, check the contacts of the motor starter, and check the contactors of the motor starter.

The zero-low temperature system of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator of 17 °C needs to replace the drying filter of the oil returning system in time, clean the nozzle of the oil ejector, clean the accumulation in the sedimentation elbow, check the solenoid valve of the ejector loop to operate normally, and check the entire oil return. The connection line of the system is unobstructed.

The evaporator and condenser of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator with a temperature of minus 17 °C should check the water flow of the chilled water and the cooling water, check the water flow switch of the chilled water and the cooling water, check the charge of the refrigerant, check the water chamber and the end cover of the evaporator and the condenser. Screws. Confirm that there is no water leakage.

The cryogenic refrigerator with a temperature of minus 17 °C needs to check the refrigerant charge. After the unit is stopped, the refrigerant charge should be checked and adjusted. After the compressor and pump are shut down for four hours or more, the condenser and evaporation are performed. The pressure and temperature of the device are balanced. At this point, the refrigerant level should be visible from the sight glass and the refrigerant level should be recorded. And according to the original record, judge the sealing condition of the unit.

The maintenance method is as shown above. It is recommended that the user do the maintenance work, which is more conducive to the operation of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator with a temperature of minus 17 °C.

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