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Repair and Maintenance of Water Cooled Chiller

When repairing the water cooled chiller, it is easy to cause personal injury or machine damage. Non professionals are not allowed to carry out tentative maintenance on the water cooled chiller. All maintenance must be completed by professional personnel. Now let me explain some precautions for safe use of the machine: industrial water cooled chiller.

1. Do not shut down the machine by cutting off the main power supply unless it is an emergency.

2. In case of fault alarm and shutdown of the water cooled chiller machine, first turn off the main power switch of the machine, and then check the cause of the fault. It is not allowed to start the machine forcibly before the fault is eliminated.

3. In order to prolong the service life of the system and prevent safety accidents, regular inspection must be carried out.

4. The water used in the system shall be treated first because the water with high alkalinity will aggravate the corrosion of copper pipes and reduce the service life of heat exchanger. The pH value of the used water is between 7.0-8.5.

5. Keep the machine room dry, clean and well ventilated.

6. The daily operation, management and maintenance of the machine must be carried out by people with professional skills.

When the water cooled chiller is shut down at a temperature lower than 0 and is not used or stored, the pipeline shall be disconnected. If the evaporator of the chiller has been used for a long time and scale accumulates on the outside of the heat transfer pipe, which affects its heat transfer effect, the evaporator should be cleaned regularly to keep the machine in good working performance. Scale is discharged from the drain.

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