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What are the effects of power failure on liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box?

Different industries have different temperature requirements for liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostats. Of course, there are many types of cryogenic cryostats. The refrigeration methods used in different industries are different. Wuxi Guanya LNEYA uses compressor refrigeration. The cooling effect that can be achieved is almost the same as that of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box.

However, there are still customers who use liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostats, and customers who encounter a power failure when using liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostats do not know how to solve them.

One is the frequent power outage. If the power is cut off frequently, the next time the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostat is started, there will be some damage to the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box. The compressor is out of the working state. This will damage the compressor. If the liquid nitrogen cryogenic low temperature box is not used for a long time, it is also easy to cause the pipeline inside the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box to be damaged and the pipeline refrigerant to leak. Obviously, the impact on the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box is relatively large, and it is prone to failure.

In two cases, it is not energized for a long time, because it is cold in the northern part of the winter, so many customers cut off the electricity of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic low temperature box. So what can you do in the end? If the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostat is not energized for a long time, the refrigerant will be converted from a gaseous state to a liquid state during operation, and it will be very easy to cause damage to the pipeline of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cryostat, which will lead to leakage. That is, leaking refrigerant.

Then, do not frequently power off, it is very harmful to the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box. If there is no power failure when the compressor is not working, if there is a sudden power failure and then the power is turned on immediately when the compressor is working, since the pressure difference between the two ends of the compressor is large, the opportunity is caused. The liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box has no way to work, so the thermal protection is stopped. If the protection zone of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic cold box is damaged, the motor will be burnt if it is serious.

It seems that this situation is also more complicated. If you feel that the liquid nitrogen is cold and cold, you can also choose Wuxi Guanya LNEYA cryogenic low temperature box or ultra-low temperature freezer, and the cooling effect is better.
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