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How to eliminate the failure of large thermal shock test chamber?

As technology continues to advance and improve, LNEYA recommends strict requirements for operators of large thermal shock test chambers. If used improperly, operators need to be able to face and resolve these problems in a timely manner.

A large thermal shock test chamber can be formed by the tank, the air circulation system, the refrigeration system and the heating system. When the high and low temperature experiments are carried out, the temperature rise is very slow, and the wind circulation system may not be normally opened, and the temperature change If the experimental temperature is not reached, it is necessary to solve the problem according to different states.

If the large-scale thermal shock test chamber does not reach the temperature change of the test index at low temperature, it may be that the temperature will always be very slow, or it may rise after the temperature reaches a certain value. When the above 2 cases occur, It is necessary to check whether the test chamber is in a dry environment before the low temperature test. After the test chamber is kept in a dry environment, the test sample can be placed indoors for testing. Another reason is whether the sample is placed too much, so that the air circulation in the room circulates. If this is not the case, the operator should contact the manufacturer for professional repairs.

There is another factor that may cause the failure, that is, the temperature control of the large thermal shock test chamber is not good, and the temperature in the laboratory where the equipment is placed is an environment with an average temperature of 25 ° C in 24 hours, and the humidity is about ≤ 85%. RH is fine. Even the best equipment needs a good place to be placed, and the large thermal shock test chamber is no exception. In order to ensure that the equipment can reach the temperature during the test and the life is extended, every operator should maintain it.

If the large-scale thermal shock test box fails, the operator needs to perform professional fault resolution to make the test box run smoothly.
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