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Large industrial freezer structural stability instructions

Large industrial refrigerators are used in the current industry. In order to maintain a smooth operation, the related structure also needs to maintain a stable state in order to stabilize and operate efficiently.

The main structure of Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) large industrial refrigerator is refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, refrigeration accessories, electronic control system equipment. Each unit's coolant inlet and outlet are equipped with mating flanges, and the user's connection to the system is very convenient. After the pipe connection is OK, be sure to install the insulation hose on the chilled water pipe. In general, large industrial refrigerators have already completed the connection of all the pipelines of the unit at the factory, and have been filled with appropriate amount of working fluid and refrigeration oil for comprehensive performance testing. Therefore, users only need to install cooling water system and chilled water system. And the power supply is ready for use.

The large-scale industrial refrigerator adopts brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed piston two-stage compressor and semi-closed screw compressor. The evaporator uses high-force plate heat exchanger, which is small in size and high in efficiency. Also uses a full set of brand cold controls (DANFOSS pressure controller, balance valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, drying filter, Emerson oil separator, ALCO sight glass, check valve, etc.), the unit cooling water circuit uses the intermediate heat exchanger Significantly improve the reliability and safety of the system. The large-cooling unit adopts a semi-closed screw compressor with an economizer, and is combined with an electronic expansion valve to ensure high efficiency and energy saving. Large industrial refrigerators are used for rapid liquid cooling and are widely used in high-tech industries such as petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, pharmaceutical, and military industries. Each large industrial freezer is equipped with multiple protection devices such as freezing point protection, high and low pressure protection, safety valve and fusible plug. The system is safer and more reliable.

Large industrial freezer manufacturers' equipment will provide corresponding configuration instructions when they leave the factory, and they can guarantee efficient operation under the condition of stable structure.

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