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Glycol chiller installation requirements

In the summer, the use of glycol chillers is relatively frequent. Efficient glycol chillers are also needed. Therefore, when installing glycol chillers, they need to be installed on a smooth and tidy floor. Why choose a smooth ground when installing? Users who have known the glycol chiller should know that if the glycol chiller is tilted during installation, it may cause the refrigerant or cooling water or chilled water to operate abnormally, and the refrigerant may flow backward or the resistance may increase, which is not conducive to The normal operation of the refrigeration system, therefore, the glycol chiller needs to operate on a stable ground.

The glycol chiller can run the compressor on a stable surface to make the compressor run more efficiently. Because the normal operation of each component of the compressor takes into account the gravity problem, the smooth ground can avoid the resistance of the liquid medium in the flow or the acceleration of gravity, and the glycol chiller can be operated more efficiently.

Of course, the noise problem is also plaguing many users of glycol chillers. In fact, the flat ground can effectively reduce the vibration and noise during operation, because the flat ground can reduce the vibration during operation, which is beneficial to its ethylene glycol. Silence effect to enhance its service life.

If the glycol chiller is operated on a non-flat floor, due to the effect of gravity, the probability of loosening and peeling off under the vibration generated by the operation of the glycol chiller is greater.

The installation of the glycol chiller must be carried out on a stable floor. This is relatively simple, and the user can install it according to the requirements.

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