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Integrated circuit temperature control device research description

At present, integrated circuit temperature control is used in the integrated circuit, semiconductor, and chip industries. Then, for the testing needs of such industries, integrated circuit temperature control is necessary.

At present, there are several problems in the cooling equipment of integrated circuit temperature control: the temperature is not stable enough, the flow is not stable enough, and communication with the main monitoring system cannot be connected. Wuxi Guanya integrated circuit temperature control temperature range: -45 ° C -250 ° C, the flow can be roughly controlled within a certain error range of the set value.

The flow rate of the integrated circuit temperature control can be adjusted by means of bypass and resistance matching, and the temperature can be controlled by controlling the amount of cooling and the amount of heating. The cooling capacity can be controlled by a variable frequency refrigeration unit or by using a freon flow that is bypassed in front of the evaporator and bypassed to participate in heat exchange. The key technology lies in the design of the PLC control program. At present, a thermoelectric refrigeration method can be employed to improve the stability of the temperature of the cooling equipment. Since the cooling capacity of the thermoelectric refrigeration module can be realized by controlling its current, the control circuit is relatively simple and easy to achieve high precision.

The so-called intelligent transformation of integrated circuit temperature control means that the cooling device is equipped with a digital port and has the ability to communicate with the computer I/O. The flow, temperature, pressure and operating status of the device can be transmitted to the main control computer, and the test personnel The various parameters and operation of the device can be controlled by the master computer. Integrated circuit temperature control not only improves the level of development of our products, but more importantly, it can greatly shorten our development cycle. We should thoroughly clarify the demand target, track the advanced foreign technology on the basis of the previous CAT technology, and adhere to the working methods of easy and difficult, social collaboration to complete this technical work.

Integrated circuit temperature control technology is a relatively wide temperature control technology. For the integrated circuit industry, its existence is also insignificant, and it is also important to improve the effectiveness of integrated circuits.

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