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How to replace the scroll compressor of the impact tester model?

In terms of different impact tester models, the configuration is also somewhat different. Among them, special care should be taken when replacing the scroll is a compressor. If the replacement is not noticed, the impact tester cannot be used.

The prohibition of the impact tester is only carried out from the high pressure side when the scroll compressor is replaced. If it is only carried out from the high pressure side, the axial seal of the scroll will cause the refrigerant to remain on the low pressure side. This is to carry out the simultaneous discharge of the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side when the refrigerant is discharged, and when the maintenance impact tester replaces the scroll compressor. Things to be aware of. When repairing the impact tester welding operation, sufficient nitrogen gas is introduced into the equipment to prevent the formation of an oxide film on the inner wall of the copper pipe (the time for nitrogen to pass is sufficient). To check the nitrogen content, a ignited scent or cigarette can be placed at the other inlet of the nitrogen. If the scent is extinguished, the air in the system is emptied and the welding operation can be performed.

In order to prevent the impact tester from burning the compressor during the test, a vacuum pump must be used to evacuate. Moreover, it is forbidden to use the compressor as a vacuum pump to evacuate the air in the external pipe when replacing the compressor or other parts. The maintenance impact tester has higher requirements due to the use of the scroll compressor. Reminder: When the maintenance impact tester system is in the maintenance, it is forbidden to reduce the pressure in the system to a vacuum state. Only the pressure in the system can be cooked above the gauge pressure of 0.03MP, otherwise the compressor will draw the side vortex. The axial seal of the disc forms a vacuum, which can damage the compressor if not handled properly.

The difference between the compressors of different impact tester models is definitely present. If the operator cannot replace them completely, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement.

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