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Description of the power-on tripping of the high-power refrigerator

Wuxi Guanya LNEYA high-power refrigerator is equipped with brand accessories. The refrigeration performance of the whole high-power refrigerator is relatively stable. Once the power-on trip occurs, it needs to be processed in time to avoid affecting operation.

Wuxi Guanya LNEYA high-power freezer supporting brand effective energy-saving copper tube production condenser, evaporator, control components are branded accessories, components are well matched, a good high-power refrigerator if not operated properly, then it will also appear What are the reasons for some minor problems, such as the high-powered freezer booting?

In the case of improper use, it will cause a jump on the machine, and what is the cause of the direct power failure? In fact, most of these situations occur because of the short circuit in the circuit, the replacement of the operation panel or the water supply, and the damage of the internal motor of the compressor. If the high-power chiller refrigeration system is blocked or heat-dissipated, the compressor current will be tripped, and the tripping situation will be suspended. Check the fuselage and other components of the high-power chiller to find problems and solve problems in time.

The operation of Wuxi Guanya LNEYA high-power refrigerator is low noise, high efficiency, stable operation, multiple safety protection, more reliable performance, advanced design of high-power refrigeration system, and each compressor has an independent refrigeration. The circuit has a wider operating range. LNEYA high-power refrigeration machine is complete, and the product's humanized microcomputer control system makes it more convenient to operate and more economical and energy-saving.

In addition to the high-powered freezer startup trip failure, it is also necessary to deal with other common faults in operation, and select the brand high-power refrigerator to make it run more efficiently.

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