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Maintenance of the condenser of high and low temperature circulation device

The condenser in the high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device is one of the accessories in the refrigeration process, and its performance is very important. LNEYA reminds the user that regular maintenance is required after the condenser has been used for a long time.

The condenser used in the high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device group is divided into an air-cooled condenser and a water-cooled condenser. Air-cooled condensers are mainly used for air-cooled high and low temperature constant temperature circulation devices, which use air as a cooling medium. Because there are often dust or other debris in the air, some of these dusts or debris will fall on the outer surface of the condenser fins. Over time, the heat dissipation effect of the condenser will be worse, especially in places with harsh environments. Therefore, we should clean it regularly. The cleaning method for the condenser of the air-cooled high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device is that pure dust can be blown off by compressed air or the like, or vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner. If there is more dirt on the finned condenser, the heat pipe and fins can be cleaned with gasoline or a non-corrosive cleaning agent, or it can be rinsed with tap water and cleaned to achieve the purpose of improving the heat dissipation effect.

There may also be some high and low temperature constant temperature circulation devices using a cannulated water-cooled condenser, which can be pickled. The operation method is as follows: the condenser is removed, the accumulated water is discharged, and then 10% dilute sulfuric acid solution is injected into the condenser tube until the solution flows out of the water outlet. Dilute sulfuric acid can be released after 20 to 30 minutes in the condenser. This action is repeated two or three times, then the connecting pipe of the cooling water pipe and the condenser is installed, and the cooling water valve is opened for 10-20 minutes to prevent scale and cleaning. At the end of the work, anti-scaling and cleaning work should always be carried out.

Water-cooled condensers are mainly used for water-cooled high and low temperature constant temperature circulation devices. For such condensers, the problem of scale removal is mainly used. Its cleaning cycle is generally based on water quality. If it is poor water quality, deep well water, it should be cleaned at least once every six months. If the water quality is good, such as pure water, it can be cleaned once a year. For some areas, there are poplars in spring every spring, which must be cleaned up in time.

The maintenance of the high and low temperature constant temperature circulation device is relatively simple, and the user can easily use and maintain it after reading it.
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