How to choose a heating and cooling circulating water bath?

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Heating and recirculating water bath In the process of selection, heating power, cooling power, pressure and flow are also factors that users need to consider. Good system design and accessory brand selection are related to the whole heating and cooling cycle water bath selection.

As far as the heat transfer medium of the heating and cooling cycle water bath is concerned, water is used as a heat transfer medium, which is economical and environmentally friendly. Even if a leak occurs, it can be directly discharged without polluting the environment, but the water easily causes corrosion and scaling of the water tank and the flow path. In addition to anti-corrosion agent pretreatment, it should be periodically derusted during use. The heat transfer oil is used as the heat transfer medium, and the thermal conductivity is only 1/3 of water, the cost is relatively high, and it is easy to coke. Special application environments are also factors to consider when choosing a temperature machine.

The realization of the temperature control of the heating and cooling cycle water bath is based on the control of the temperature of the hot fluid, the temperature control based on the temperature of the reactor, and the combined temperature control. The user should investigate the implementation of the operation according to the actual situation and select the fluid that can meet the accuracy requirements of his own temperature control. Based on the temperature control of the hot fluid, the temperature displayed on the control panel and the temperature of the device are inconsistent. Since the injection cycle, injection speed, melting temperature and ambient temperature are not compensated, the temperature fluctuation of the reactor is relatively large. Temperature control based on hot fluid can meet most of the requirements and is a common method. The temperature control based on the temperature of the reactor is installed in the interior of the reactor by a temperature sensor, and is set on the control panel to show that the temperature of the temperature reactor is uniform, which is suitable for the case where the temperature control precision is high.

When the user operates the heating and cooling cycle water bath, the high-efficiency equipment can continuously stabilize the reaction process, and the temperature control accuracy is plus or minus 1 degree, which can be dynamically controlled.

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