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Safety instructions for the use of high temperature circulator heat transfer oil

In order to make the high-temperature circulator run more efficiently, it is recommended to pay attention to the safety and choice of the heat-conducting oil. What should be paid attention to the heat-conducting oil of the high-temperature circulator manufacturer?

Although the high temperature circulator heat transfer oil has a high boiling point and flash point, it is still a flammable liquid. Therefore, it should be safe when used. If it is used improperly, it may cause fire. The cause of the fire is caused by leakage. At this time, attention should be paid to leakage and fire. Related instructions.

Misfire in the insulation zone is a common type of fire in organic heat transfer oil systems. Heat transfer oil leakage occurs at the flange or meter connection, and penetrates into the heat preservation zone. Then, in the presence of air, the circulating liquid and the pipe heat heat the heat transfer oil, and gradually oxidize the liquid, causing the heat preservation zone to be ignited and causing a fire.

Pipe leakage or bursting causes fire due to pipe leakage or bursting, causing heat transfer oil to flow into the hot gas flame zone and causing fire. The flash point causes the flash point to be misfired. The higher the temperature of the high temperature circulator, the lower the flash point temperature, the heat transfer oil, air and fire source.

The fire caused by the process raw materials is mainly caused by the leakage of the heat transfer oil into the heating system, and the process raw materials are easily oxidized and oxidized to cause fire. In addition to the above four types of fire, it should be more careful to use in the gas phase system, such as causing a large amount of heat transfer oil vapor leakage, can form an aerosol mist, which can cause explosive combustion when exposed to fire in the air.

The heat transfer oil of LNEYA high temperature circulators is selected from brand heat transfer oil, because the choice of heat transfer oil is expiring and operating efficiency and safety.

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