Instructions for the LNEYA 5hp Freezer Condenser

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5hp freezer is one of the most demanding equipments in the industrial cold processing industry. Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) is one of the related manufacturers, reminding users that when choosing a 5hp freezer condenser, we need to pay attention to the use and maintenance. The matter is clearly understood.

With the operation of the 5hp freezer evaporative condenser, part of the water evaporates, minerals and other impurities in the water are left behind to accumulate in the pool of the evaporative condenser. Therefore, the refrigerant must be inspected regularly and cleaned regularly. Good control of water quality and prevention of scaling. The fresh water should be cleaned with fresh water, and it must be filtered when there is impurities in the water. If the supplemental water is too hard, softened water treatment should also be considered. The water treatment plan should be developed in conjunction with an experienced professional water treatment company.

Always check the operation of the evaporative cold water pump and the fan, and do regular maintenance and inspection. Whether the two components operate normally will directly affect the heat transfer effect. The 5hp freezer evaporative condenser should also consider the antifreeze of circulating water during winter operation, especially in northern China.

Systems using a 5 hp freezer evaporative condenser should note that the presence of non-condensable gases in the system will significantly reduce the heat transfer of the evaporator, resulting in higher condensing pressure. Therefore, the air venting operation must be performed frequently, especially the low temperature system in which the chiller suction pressure is a negative pressure. In actual use of the evaporative condenser, the use state of the evaporative condenser and the number of units used should be adjusted according to the changes in the environment and the area of use in different seasons, so that the system can operate economically and achieve energy saving.

When the 5hp freezer system heat load is relatively small, or the temperature is relatively low, the number of evaporative condensers can be reduced. When the ambient temperature is relatively low, the fan operation is stopped, and only the water pump can be turned on, and the refrigerant is condensed by water alone. When the temperature drops below the freezing point, pay attention to the antifreeze problem of the water, and ensure that the water does not freeze.

Maintenance is important for the use of its equipment, so regular maintenance of the various components of the 5hp freezer is necessary.

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