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Fully closed cycle high viscosity fluid refrigeration heating flow control system

1. The tested object is connected to a test platform adapter.
2. The internal parts of the parts are cooled, heated, flow controlled, and pressure controlled by various lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, aviation fuel, fuel oil, and coolant.
3. The test component needs to go through a specific temperature profile and record the change in temperature.
4. When conducting the tolerance test, perform the thermal shock test, and the rapid temperature drop control usually takes place in an infinite loop.
5. Visualization, data storage and reporting analysis
6, temperature control equipment can be flexibly connected to other test platforms
7. Equipped with a powerful circulation pump to ensure the delivery of high viscosity liquids.
8. The range of temperature changes is usually from -50 to 200 degrees (which can be made wider).
9. The proportional control valve is used to control the flow output, and the high-precision control total range is adjusted from 5% to 100%. The flow control range is large, and the minimum flow rate can be controlled from 3L/H to a maximum of 100m3/H.
10, pressure control 0.1bar ~ 20bar
11. The fully enclosed circulation system avoids the contact between the medium and the outside air, ensures no condensation, and avoids oxidation of the medium.
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