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Explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit icing, do you know what is going on?

When using an explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit, many users do not know how to solve the problem of icing and frosting. In fact, the professional can tell you with certainty, no. The two causes are different, so the processing method is different. If you want to solve the problem of icing in explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration units, you must first find the problem. Let's share some of the experience in this area.

In the actual use of explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration units, many customers do not like the internal temperature of the explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit. The icing is definitely related to the low temperature. If the temperature of the refrigeration unit of the explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit is too low, then there is a knot. Ice conditions.

The temperature of the refrigerating room should generally be set between 4 and 8 degrees. Most of the explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration units can be directly adjusted by the display of the computer thermostat. If it is a mechanical thermostat, it should be based on the seasonal temperature. High and low reasonable adjustment of gear position, the gear should be adjusted to 1-2 files in summer, 3 in spring and autumn, 4-5 in winter, keep the temperature of the freezer at around 18 degrees, the cold room The temperature is between 0-10 degrees and between 4-8 degrees. This breaks the conditions of icing, so it will not happen.

There is also an icing condition, that is, there must be water or water mist, otherwise the explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit will not freeze. So how does water or mist enter the explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit?

That is, the seal of the explosion-proof low-temperature refrigeration unit door seal is not strict or the door opening is frequent or the door opening time is too long. The door seal of the explosion-proof low-temperature refrigeration unit is an important component. If the seal is not strict, the cold air in the refrigerator room will be lost, resulting in outdoor Air entering should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner. When using the explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration unit, it is also necessary to open the door and close the door quickly, and do not frequently open and close the door.

Have you learned the icing knowledge of these explosion-proof cryogenic refrigeration units? To solve these icing problems, we must pay attention to and solve them from the usual details.

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