How to judge the quality of the pipeline for electroplating waste gas treatment?

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Generally, when purchasing the electroplating waste gas treatment equipment, it is necessary to observe the appearance of the copper tube to judge. The first is to look at the color of the copper tube. According to the type of copper tube purchased, different colors are judged, such as a copper tube, and the red color of the general color is reddish. It is good copper. Brass tubes, generally lighter in color, are better. There is also a layer of zinc on the copper, some galvanized, and the color is white. There is also a kind of inferior copper. There are impurities in the copper tube. If you bend it with your hand, you will break into two pieces. If there is black impurities inside, don’t buy it.

You can touch the inner and outer walls of the copper tube by hand to see if it is smooth and clean. See if there are any defects such as oxidation or cracking. If you are not at ease, you can scrape it with sharp objects. Generally, the good copper tubes are made of pure copper. There will be better extensibility, so there will be a deep line of copper pipes with better electroplating exhaust gas treatment equipment. After the copper tube is drawn, if it is the same as the outer wall, it indicates that the overall quality of the copper pipe is relatively high. However, if the color of the copper pipe treated by the electroplating exhaust gas is different or otherwise different, it is very likely that some substances similar to iron are added to the inside. However, better copper pipes are used in the military industry and its special industries.

The copper tube generally processed and formed in the electroplating waste gas treatment equipment is mainly divided into three types: hard state, semi-hard state and soft state. Different forms of flexibility and electroplating exhaust gas treatment copper tubes are also different, and generally can be bent by bending copper tubes. It is determined that a good copper tube of the electroplating waste gas treatment device is very easy to bend, but if it is difficult to bend or bend after the crack occurs, it indicates that the quality of the copper pipe is not very good.

Therefore, if the quality of the copper tube treated by the electroplating exhaust gas is properly selected, the operation of the equipment can be more guaranteed. The standard copper tube is available, and SUS304 or SUS316L can be selected.

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