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The essence of the chip using high and low temperature test of electronic chip

The high-temperature test of the electronic chip is used in the chip industry. The chip test has a great effect on the quality of the chip. So, how much do you know about the chip used in the high and low temperature test of the electronic chip?

In general, the chip company's daily flow of chips has tens of thousands of chips, the pressure of testing is very large. When the chip is made by the fab, it will enter the testing phase. Testing at this stage may be performed at the fab or sent to a nearby test vendor agent. The production engineer will use the automatic test instrument (ATE) to run the program given by the chip designer, and roughly divide the chip into good/bad parts. The bad ones will be directly discarded. If there are too many bad films at this stage, the basic will It is believed that the fab's own yield is low. If the yield is below a certain value, the fab needs to lose money.

After passing the test, the wafer will be cut. The cut chips are sorted according to the previous results. Only good chips will be sent to the package factory. The location of the package is generally near the fab because unpackaged chips cannot be transported over long distances. After packaging, the chip will be sent to the test factories of major companies, also known as production plants. And carry out the Final Test. There are actually more than a dozen processes in the production plant, and Final Test is just the first step. After the Final Test, you also need to sort, engrave, check the package, package and other steps. Then you can ship to the market.

Final Test is the focus of the factory and requires a lot of mechanical and automation equipment. Its purpose is to rigorously classify chips. Take Intel's processor as an example. These phenomena may occur in Final Test: although the Wafer Test is passed, the chip is still bad, the package is damaged, and the chip is partially damaged. For example, the CPU has 2 core damages, or the GPU is damaged, or the display interface is damaged, the chip is good, and there is no fault.

LNEYA electronic chip high and low temperature test is widely used in high and low temperature testing of semiconductor chip equipment, electronic equipment high temperature and low temperature constant temperature test cold and heat source, independent refrigeration cycle fan unit; can work continuously for a long time, automatic defrost, defrosting process does not affect the library temperature Modular design, easy replacement of spare machine (if there are 10 machines, as long as one spare unit can be); solve the problem of frequent opening and closing of doors, evaporation system frosting; evaporation system defrosting process does not affect. It is simple to construct a set of high and low temperature constant temperature chambers (according to the provided drawings, the box is spliced like a building block, the electricity and water are connected, and the temperature can be set to work).

The chip produced by each chip factory requires a lot of cost and manpower, so the test work of the chip is particularly important. The choice of high and low temperature test of the electronic chip requires the chip manufacturer to carefully choose.

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