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How to deal with the poor cooling effect of the power battery test system?

How to deal with the poor cooling effect of the power battery test system?

Application: Various Reactors, Distillation or Extraction System, Laboratory, University, Research Institute, Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Semiconductor and Electrical Test, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Biochemical, Biological and Other Industries.

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The performance of the power battery test system is related to whether the battery pack can operate normally. Therefore, once the cooling effect is poor, it needs to be solved in time.

In the power battery test equipment system, the refrigerant is insufficient after the refrigerant leaks, the suction and exhaust pressures are low, and the expansion valve can hear the intermittent turbulent airflow much larger than usual. The evaporator does not hang frost or hang a small amount of floating frost. If the expansion valve hole is adjusted, the suction pressure does not change much. After the shutdown, the equilibrium pressure in the system is generally lower than the saturation pressure corresponding to the same ambient temperature. After the refrigerant leaks, it is not rushed to fill the system with refrigerant, but the leak point should be found immediately, and the refrigerant is filled after repair. The refrigeration system with open compressor has many joints, many sealing surfaces, and potential leakage points. During the overhaul, we must pay attention to the leaky links, and find out whether there are oil leaks, broken pipes, and slack streets due to experience.

After the maintenance of the power battery test equipment, the refrigerant charge in the refrigeration system exceeds the capacity of the system. The refrigerant will take up a certain volume of the condenser, reduce the heat dissipation area, and reduce the cooling effect. The suction and exhaust pressures are common. Above normal pressure values, the evaporator frost is not true. According to the operating procedure, the excess refrigerant must be discharged at the high pressure shut-off valve after a few minutes of shutdown. At this time, the residual air in the system can also be released.

The air in the power battery test equipment refrigeration system will reduce the cooling efficiency, the outstanding phenomenon, the suction and exhaust pressure increase (but the exhaust pressure has not exceeded the rated value), the power battery test equipment compressor outlet to the condenser The temperature at the inlet is significantly increased. Due to the presence of air in the system, the exhaust pressure and exhaust temperature increase. After a few minutes after the power battery test equipment is shut down, the air can be released from the high pressure shut-off valve several times in succession, and some refrigerant can be appropriately filled according to the actual situation.

Long-term use of the power battery test equipment evaporator should be timed defrosting, if not defrosting, the frost layer on the evaporator line is thicker and thicker, when the whole pipeline is wrapped into a transparent ice layer, it will seriously affect heat transfer, The temperature of the library is not reduced within the required range. The power battery test equipment is shut down for defrosting, allowing air to circulate, and the fan can be used to accelerate circulation and reduce the defrosting time. Never hit the frost layer with iron, wood, etc. to prevent damage to the evaporator circuit.

The poor cooling effect of the power battery test system is the temperature that can reduce the temperature of the power battery test equipment under the working conditions specified by the power battery test equipment. Therefore, these must be noted.

The water-cooled automobile motor test water-cooling machine has uniform heat dissipation, high heat dissipation efficiency, good heat dissipation effect, strong work reliability, good weather resistance, low environmental impact, relatively small noise, and a relatively complicated heat dissipation system structure compared with air-cooled. The safety level is high and the maintenance after maintenance is difficult.

       The power battery cooling system test platform (liquid cooling, water cooling) is mainly applied to the water cooling system stability test of new products such as electric drives, motors, reducers and charging piles of new energy vehicles. Cooling tests such as constant temperature and constant voltage constant current heat test (5-85 degrees), high and low temperature operation test (150 to -40 ° C), and motor cooling water system (5-30 ° C). Applications include electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, aerospace, military and scientific research. The dynamometer is designed with water cooling as standard. Individual users are oil-cooled and air-cooled.

Air-cooled automotive motor test water cooling system has simple structure, few parts, light overall quality, low cost, and less difficulty in after-sales maintenance. However, air-cooled automotive motor test water cooling machine has uneven heat dissipation, low heat dissipation efficiency, and no heat dissipation effect. Good, poor work reliability.

The heat-dissipating power battery and the drive motor system of the automotive motor test water-cooling machine are reserved for the water pipeline during the design, and the heat is generated when the drive motor works, and the coolant flows away from the water jacket to remove the heat into the radiator of the water tank. The radiator is integrated with the electronic fan, and the electronic fan accelerates the heat dissipation of the water tank to cool the coolant to reach the normal working temperature required for driving the motor. The heat-dissipating coolant flows through the drive motor again and reciprocates.
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