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The reason why the cooling water circulator needs the main water circulation

The supplement of the water cycle is directed to a water-cooled cooling water circulator, and the air-cooled cooling water circulator does not have this problem. The water-cooled cooling water circulator needs cooling water during normal operation. The cooling circulating water is the most important part of the whole water-cooled cooling water circulator. However, the water-cooling system of the water-cooled cooling water circulator is in the process of normal operation. What is the main reason for the cooling water consumption of the water-cooled cooling water circulator?

Drifting and other issues:

The cooling water circulator cooling water may be sprayed by the water purifier, the fan's air blower, and the filler in the cooling tower. In these processes, there may be problems of drifting and splashing, and certain measures may be taken at a certain To the extent that these problems are avoided, they cannot be avoided. Therefore, problems such as drifting water are also an important cause of cooling water consumption.

Loss, leakage:

In general, each of the water-cooled cooling water circulators and the pipes and valves that come into contact with the cooling circulating water are not necessarily able to avoid leakage and loss. Small amounts and traces of leakage are allowed. Of course, this is also the water-cooled cooling water circulation. The cooling water of the unit must be replenished frequently.

Natural loss and consumption during operation:

During the normal operation of the water-cooled cooling water circulator, there will be some loss and consumption. Basically, it will be reduced by running in the water pipeline. As long as it is in normal operation, there will be some reduction, loss and consumption.

Evaporation during operation:

This is a relatively large amount of water consumption point. During the operation, it is inevitable that the cooling circulating water will be exposed to higher temperatures and evaporate.

The reason for the consumption of cooling water is that the cooling water circulator must be actively and adequately replenished. If it cannot be replenished in time and in sufficient quantities, the cooling water circulator will not operate properly.

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