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How does the ultra-low temperature test chamber control static electricity?

In order to control the static quality of the ultra-low temperature test chamber, the ultra-low temperature test chamber needs to control the static electricity better. How does the LNEYA ultra-low temperature test chamber control the static electricity?

Static electricity in the ultra-low temperature test chamber is caused by friction and separation between the items, so these factors need to be avoided as much as possible. For example, in the pipeline transportation or other operations, it is recommended to reduce the running speed, but this will affect the operating efficiency at the same time, so the more appropriate method is to use uninsulated insulation items, and choose materials that are not easy to generate static electricity. 

In order to better control the static electricity, the generated electric charge can be grounded through the metal conductor, so that the generated electric charge disappears in the earth. If it is a charged body, it can be easily eliminated. If it is chemical fiber or petroleum, the charged part is charged. The charge is difficult to move, and this type of effect is not very effective.

The ultra-low temperature test chamber can add conductive properties to the article to cause electric charge leakage. This also includes the addition of metal powder to the tire or boots and the factory floor material of the operation, and the use of hydrophilic oil in the chemical fiber or plastic to prevent static electricity. Increasing the relative humidity in the air in the ultra-low temperature test chamber creates a water absorbing layer on the surface of the article to enhance conductivity. For this reason, in places where there is a possibility of electricity, it is possible to increase the humidity by adjusting the humidity device or sprinkling water. The problem is that people may feel uncomfortable or have an adverse effect on equipment and products.

The above description is to better help everyone to prevent some accidents, better improve the product quality of the ultra-low temperature test chamber, and better operate the equipment.
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