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Three integrated thermal shock test chamber cooling method

The three integrated thermal shock test chambers are designed and manufactured according to user requirements. They are suitable for high and low temperature impact tests of high-temperature or low-temperature environments and for high-temperature or low-temperature environments of aircraft, aerospace, military, ship, electrician, electronics and other products. test. The user can accelerate the test of the climatic environment of the whole machine (or parts), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, coatings, coatings, etc., in order to evaluate the test behavior of the test articles or samples.

During the opening period of the three integrated thermal shock test chambers, the heat is simultaneously stored in the high temperature zone and the cooling capacity is stored in the low temperature zone. After the hot and cold zones respectively reach the set parameter values, according to the preset impact mode and procedure. . The high and low temperature zones alternately deliver the corresponding energy to the test area to achieve the test effect of the product. It is worth noting that during the test, the conversion time between high and low temperature is only 10 seconds; the temperature recovery time in the test area is only 5 minutes. Artificial environment simulation that truly realizes instantaneous temperature changes.

The reliability of the product has always been a problem for domestic and foreign manufacturers. The key is that the manufacturer must manage finely, complete the process, complete testing means, and be responsible for the quality (such as the ISO9000 demonstration). At the same time, environmental testing equipment is a durable product. Some problems and design defects need to be exposed for many years to be discovered. Statistical analysis can find out the problem. A mature, highly reliable product often needs years of improvement and improvement. Therefore, the environment The test equipment manufacturer has a certain production scale and production history, which is one of the necessary conditions for the product to have high reliability.

The cooling method of the three comprehensive thermal shock test chambers must be clear to everyone. At present, the quality of the domestic comprehensive thermal shock test chamber has also been greatly improved, and domestically produced can also bring different quality to everyone.
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