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Description of high and low temperature circulation tank refrigeration process

In the process of using high and low temperature circulating tanks, there may be some minor problems due to improper use, and there may be problems in the refrigeration process of Wuxi Guanya high and low temperature circulating tanks, and then we will explain them.

Most high and low temperature circulating tanks cool the media for cooling, but some simple techniques that rely on air or water contain a cooling coil that regulates temperature. The high and low temperature circulation tanks are used as a closed loop system for complete packaging, including hot and cold water units, condensers and circulation pumps, high and low temperature circulation tank expansion valves, partial cold water tanks, and temperature control stations. The closed loop industrial screw high and low temperature circulation tank recirculates water cooling equipment and instrument cleaners at constant temperature and pressure, increasing stability and repeatability.

If there is a high temperature difference between the two, the large external tank will be used to store cold water. In this case, the cooling water does not go straight from the cooler application, but goes deep into the outside of the tank as a "temperature buffer sorting behavior. The cold water tank is much larger than the internal water tank. Cold water from the external fuel tank application And returning hot water from the application can be traced back to the external fuel tank, not to the unit.
One of the new developments in high and low temperature circulating tanks is air cooling, not the use of cooling water. In this case, the condenser is not cooled with hot air refrigerant, but is used by a cooling water cooling tower. This development allows for more than 15% and allows for a reduction in energy demand in the cooler due to the small area of surface water, condensers and fans. In addition, the fans allowed a significant reduction in noise levels.

At the same time, the high and low temperature circulation tanks also need to pay attention to the usual maintenance work, so that the high and low temperature circulation tank can exert a large operating power.

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