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Insist on innovation, LNEYA chip test solution is constantly upgrading

As we all know, in recent years, the chip industry technology has been developed to some extent. Due to various conditions, chip technology is inseparable from the relatively high process and cost. Therefore, in the chip test, the efficient chip test solution Can effectively help the continuous development of chip technology.

Wuxi Guanya Constant Temperature Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent research and development, innovation, production and sales. The R&D technical team consists of the corresponding talents in the field of refrigeration and heating temperature control, which is constantly innovating and developing. Since its inception, LNEYA has reached cooperation with a number of pharmaceutical and chemical companies in China and a number of scientific research institutions. The dynamic constant temperature control of the high-pressure reactor cold and heat source, the dynamic constant temperature control of the double-layer glass reactor cold and heat source, and the double-layer reactor hot and cold. Source dynamic constant temperature control, microchannel reactor cold and heat source constant temperature control, small constant temperature control system, steaming system temperature control, material low temperature high temperature aging test, combined chemical cold source heat source constant temperature control, semiconductor equipment cooling heating, vacuum chamber cooling heating constant temperature The temperature control operation is carried out during the control and other reaction processes.

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing market, chip technology is also making progress. LNEYA found that its refrigeration heating dynamic temperature control technology can be used in chip test solutions. For this reason, LNEYA's initial research on this technology is hoped to pass. Technological innovations continue to improve the observability and controllability of each functional module of the chip, in order to verify the overall performance of the chip to provide circuit structure support.

The era continues to advance, technology continues to evolve, integration, portability, automation and low loss, and many other integrated chip test solutions have developed into the current active field and development front in chip temperature control devices, which analysts have utilized. LNEYA chip test solutions have done a lot of analysis and research work. They used to use a single detection method, which inevitably has limitations in application range, detection limit and sensitivity. Therefore, the use of LNEYA chip test solution will become a new development direction of chip testing.

The chip test solution came into being in the long-term innovation and development. LNEYA always believes in the value of innovation, and continuously develops new temperature control test equipment. In the future, it will always adhere to its own heart, innovate and develop, and help China's domestic instruments to rise!

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