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Battery test water cooler common knowledge description

Battery test Water-cooled air intake If there is no superheat, there may be a return air with liquid, and even cause a wet stroke liquid shock to damage the compressor. In order to avoid this phenomenon, a certain degree of suction superheat is required to ensure that only dry steam enters the compressor (the presence of superheat indicates the complete evaporation of the liquid refrigerant due to the nature of the refrigerant).

However, the battery test water cooler has too high superheat and has disadvantages. The high degree of superheat will cause the compressor exhaust temperature (exhaust heat superheat) to increase, and the compressor operating conditions deteriorate the life. Therefore, the suction superheat should be controlled within a certain range.

The expansion valve of the battery test water cooler senses the temperature difference between the return air temperature and the actual evaporation pressure (corresponding to the saturation temperature) by the temperature sensing portion placed at the compressor return pipe or the evaporator outlet (the temperature difference is the suction superheat) ), and adjust the expansion valve opening based on the set superheat, which is equivalent to adjusting the liquid supply of the evaporator, and can control the suction superheat.

Battery test The temperature of the water-cooling refrigerant in the evaporator is greatly affected by the cooling efficiency. For every 1 degree reduction, the same cooling capacity is required to increase the power by 4%. Therefore, if conditions permit, increase the condition appropriately. Evaporation temperature is advantageous for improving the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

The battery tests the evaporating temperature of the water cooler. In actual operation, the evaporating pressure is controlled, that is, the pressure value of the low pressure gauge is adjusted. In the operation, the opening of the thermal expansion valve (or the throttle valve) is adjusted to adjust the low pressure.

If the battery test water cooling machine expansion valve opening degree is large, the evaporation temperature increases, the low pressure pressure also increases, the cooling capacity will increase; if the expansion valve opening degree is small, the evaporation temperature decreases, the low pressure pressure also decreases, the cooling capacity will cut back.

In the actual operation of the battery test water cooler refrigeration unit, the change of the evaporation temperature is very complicated. In addition to being directly controlled by the expansion valve (throttle valve), the heat load of the object to be cooled, the heat transfer area of the evaporator and The capacity of the compressor is related. When the three conditions of the battery test water cooler change, the evaporation pressure and temperature of the refrigeration system must change accordingly. Therefore, the operator must ensure that the evaporation temperature is stable within the specified range, and it is necessary to know the change of the evaporation temperature in time. According to the change rule of the evaporation temperature, the evaporation temperature is adjusted in a timely and correct manner.

Battery test water cooler This is a relatively common description, but also hope that the test of new energy car battery can achieve good operation.
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