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The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled 15P refrigeration units

Because the demand conditions are different, when the selected 15P refrigeration unit is air-cooled and water-cooled, what is the difference?

The air-cooled 15P refrigeration unit contains a heat-insulating water tank and water pump in its body, which is very convenient for installation and movement. However, it requires a higher working environment because it is cooled by hot air circulation. Therefore, if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of 15 refrigeration units. In addition, if you want to put the refrigeration unit in a dust-free workshop with humidity requirements, then I advise you to modify the water-cooled. Because of the air-cooled refrigeration unit, water vapor is sprayed on the top of the machine to dissipate heat.

The water-cooled 15P refrigeration unit can be divided into open type, sealed type (some called box type) and screw type. It is necessary to declare that the water-cooled refrigeration unit must be additionally equipped with a cooling tower and a water pump for extracting hot water to dissipate heat. In order to achieve a better cooling effect.

Air-cooled 15P refrigeration units can be used on small systems, most of which are water-cooled. When the water is cold, the main engine is less than the air-cooled. In other words, the cooling efficiency of the water-cooled unit will decrease relative to the long-term operation, and the air cooling will not.

The air-cooled 15P refrigeration unit has a slightly higher investment than the water-cooled 15P refrigeration unit, but the annual operating cost is lower than that of the water-cooled refrigeration unit. The construction cost of the equipment room is relatively small in various refrigeration unit cold and heat source systems. The cost is about half the cost of water-cooled or boilers. The noise and volume of air-cooled chillers are larger than those of water-cooled units. This requires attention.

There is a certain difference between the air-cooled and water-cooled units of the refrigeration unit. I hope that you can understand the proper 15P refrigeration unit model.

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