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Summary - the cause of the failure of the 85 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator

-85 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator in industrial cold treatment, with the development of industry, the scope of use is also wider. However, in the process of use, it will inevitably lead to failure, so how much do you know about common faults?

-85 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator pressure is low, when the actual gas consumption is greater than the output gas volume, it will cause deflation valve failure, intake valve failure, hydraulic cylinder failure, load solenoid valve failure, the above failure will lead to pressure switch failure. -85 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator exhaust pressure is too high, intake valve failure; hydraulic cylinder failure; load solenoid valve failure; pressure setting is too high; pressure sensor failure; pressure gauge failure; pressure switch failure.

-85 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator exhaust temperature is higher, may be due to the coolant level in the refrigerator is too low; oil cooler is dirty; oil filter core is blocked; temperature control valve failure; oil cut solenoid valve is not powered or The coil is damaged; the diaphragm of the oil-disconnecting solenoid valve is broken or aged; the fan motor is faulty; the cooling fan is damaged; the exhaust duct is not smooth or the exhaust resistance is large; the ambient temperature is outside the specified range; the temperature sensor is faulty; the pressure gauge is faulty.

-85 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator with high fuel consumption or compressed air with large oil content, too much cooling dose, the correct position should be observed during loading, the oil level should not be higher than half; the return pipe is blocked; the installation of the return pipe does not meet the requirements The exhaust pressure is too low during operation; the oil separation core is broken; the internal separator of the separation cylinder is damaged; there is oil leakage; the coolant is deteriorated or overdue.

-85 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator with large current, low voltage; loose wiring; pressure exceeds rated pressure; oil separation core is blocked; contactor failure; host failure; main motor failure; failure to start, fuse is broken; temperature switch is broken; The main motor thermal relay operates; the fan motor thermal relay operates; the transformer is broken; there is no power input; the fault is not eliminated; the controller is faulty. Fan motor overload, fan deformation; fan motor failure; fan motor thermal relay failure; loose wiring; cooler blockage;

If the above fault occurs in the -85°C ultra-low temperature refrigerator, it needs to be solved in time to avoid these common faults affecting normal operation.

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