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5 HP ultra-low temperature chiller system data storage and deletion operation tutorial

The 5 HP ultra-low temperature chiller is a fully enclosed stand-alone self-cascading refrigeration equipment. There is no water absorption during low temperature operation to ensure the purity of the cold and heat transfer medium. When operating, pay attention to the storage of historical data. If you cannot operate it, you can Take a look at the 5 HP ultra-low temperature chiller system data storage deletion operation tutorial.

1. Historical data storage

In the 5 HP ultra-low temperature chiller system, we will record the historical data, the default value of the save cycle is 10s/time, and the available remaining capacity is about RAM: 22M, ROM: 55M. Taking 10s/time as an example, it is estimated that it can be stored continuously for more than 6 months after incomplete testing. The archiving cycle of historical data can be set by the customer according to the severity of the data (≥1s/time), but the pressure of data capacity still needs to be considered. The accumulated storage time will be shortened. The steps for checking the storage capacity and modifying the storage cycle (the “User Login” part will be omitted from the brief description of the steps in this article) are as follows: “Navigation Window” → click “Parameter Settings” → click “System Settings” → “Storage Information” and "Temperature save cycle".

2. Delete historical data

When the storage space of the 5HP ultra-low temperature chiller is full, some data records will be automatically deleted, and the records with the oldest time will be preferentially deleted. Users can also delete manually, the specific operation steps are as follows:

Click "System Settings" → Storage Information, click "Save Disk Cleanup" → follow the prompts to enter the retention time (unit: h) → click "Confirm".

When the reserved data entered by the user of the 5HP ultra-low temperature chiller is "n h", the system will only retain the data within n hours for the user, delete all data before n hours, the deleted data will be deleted according to the file, and the capacity of each 16K is A storage file, when the number of data deleted by the user is not an integer number of files, the 5HP extremely low temperature chiller system will retain this file for the user. For example: the user enters to keep the data within "2h", the data capacity within 2 hours is exactly 18K, the system will reserve 32K data for the user, and some of the 32K data will belong to outside 2 hours. When the reserved data entered by the user is within "0h", the 5HP ultra-low temperature chiller system will delete all the temperature history data, and then the user will not be able to query and restore the data. LNEYA recommends that the user export all temperature history before performing this operation. Data, the specific operation will be described in detail below.

3. Browsing historical data

The historical data of the 5HP ultra-low temperature chiller can be displayed in two ways on the touch screen of this equipment, one is the historical curve, that is, the "curve display" window in the touch screen, and the other is the "data report". Users can browse historical data in these two ways.
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