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2018 Annual meeting: day night rushed chillers, release the pressure of work

Wuxi Guanya 2018 annual meeting in 2018 February 3rd at 6:38 in the evening, in Wuxi held a grand hotel, double elephant. On Saturday, the staff of the company were working overtime in the factory to guarantee the duration of each customer's product.
The guests have Wuxi Guanya Chairman Mr. Yan Juezhi and the deputy general manager Ms. Sun Aihua both participate, employees free to show the individual talent, there are songs, dance, magic and many people chorus brilliant, there are many interactive games, the harmonious relationship between colleagues.
The 123 prize was specially prepared for the evening party. All the people at the scene were finally fed up and enough. Basically, every employee received the corresponding prize as the prize was well prepared.
At the end of the party, in order to thank every employee for their efforts in 2017, the company also awarded the excellent employee award and the excellent team leader award, and the bonus quickly opened the red envelope.
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