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2018 CIPM China | You have an invitation to the exhibition from LNEYA

LNEYA meets you again with CPIM

The 56th (Fall 2018) National Pharmaceutical Machinery and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo will be held from November 5th to November 7th, 2018 at Wuhan International Expo Center.

As one of the professional communication platforms for the pharmaceutical equipment industry, Wuxi Guanya also carries the company's refrigeration heating temperature control system, TCU, new energy battery motor temperature control devices and other equipment to participate in the exhibition, and provide targeted and efficient for professional audiences. Refrigeration heating temperature control solutions, in-depth exchanges, and seek common development.

Wuhan International Expo Center Address:

Hankou Business Circle: Jiefang Avenue Yongqing Street Station, Wusheng Road Station, take the 727 Road to the New Wuli Road, Parrot Avenue
Youth Road Aviation Road Station can take bus No.704, get off at Xinwuli 2nd Road, Parrot Avenue, walk to Wuhan International Expo Center about 200 meters
Wuchang Business Circle: Wusong Road 15th Middle Station, Wusong Road Reading Horse Station can take 728 Road to New Wuli Road, Parrot Avenue
Hanyang Business Circle: Guozikou Station can take the 580 road to the International Expo Center Transportation Port
Zhongjiacun Station can take bus No. 727, 728, 554, 61 to Xinwuli 1st Road (terminal station)
Hankou Railway Station: Take bus No. 648 to the International Expo Center Transportation Port Station
Take the 536/542/10/411/519 road to the Parrot Road Guqin Station and change to the 727 road to the Parrot Avenue Xinwuli 2nd Road Station and walk to the International Expo Center.
Wuhan Railway Station: Take the 540 / 610 / 725 road from Wuhan Railway Station to Caihua Street, Youyi Avenue and transfer to No. 554 to the International Exhibition Center.
Wuchang Railway Station: Take the 61 road at Wuchang Railway Station Complex Station to the International Expo Center Transportation Port Station
Take Bus No. 556/222 at Zhongshan Road Wuchang Railway Station to Tonglu Avenue Causeway Bay Plaza Station and transfer to No. 554 to International Expo Center Transportation Port Station.
Wuhan Tianhe Airport: Take the Airport Bus Optics Valley Line from Wuhan Tianhe Airport Station and get off at Wuchang Railway Station Hongji Bus Terminal. Walk to Zhongshan Road Dadongmen Station and transfer to No. 61 Road to International Expo Center Transportation Port Station.

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