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Analysis of the environmental requirements of the -20 °C freezer

Due to the difference in ambient temperature, there are certain requirements for the freezer. Today LNEYA came to tell you how the ambient temperature is good for the -20 °C freezer.

Now there are many types of freezer boxes: hot and cold temperature control unit, air-cooled box type -20 °C freezer, industrial -20 °C freezer, water-cooled box type -20 °C freezer, water-cooled industry -20 °C freezer, etc. These products are used in different work environments.

Every product here has a requirement for the temperature of the environment. Normally we will place the -20 °C freezer unit in a different position. If there are some units we will always be indoors, and the other part will be placed in a certain environment. At this time, we have to choose the appropriate location according to different temperatures.

For the temperature of the -20 °C freezer unit: the normal constant temperature should not exceed 30 °C. If the temperature exceeds 30 °C, the unit may be operated under overload conditions. The condensing temperature and exhaust temperature of the refrigeration system will rise, which may also cause the electric protector to operate, cut off the power supply, and operate the air conditioning unit. Life has an impact.

The ambient temperature requirement of the -20 °C freezer unit, the ambient temperature is in the range of 35 ° C to 43 ° C, the freezer unit can be operated, but the cooling capacity marked by the tag cannot be guaranteed, when it is at full load, then The condensing temperature, pressure and exhaust temperature are quite high. If the heat of the freezer is large, the electric control protector may operate, cut off the power supply, and stop running.

At the same time, the freezer also needs to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance work, according to the instructions of the Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) -20 °C freezer, the arrangement is arranged.

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