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Adding VOCs gas condensate recovery unit market investment to create green power in the industry

In recent years, due to the deteriorating atmospheric environment and various environmental problems, people are paying more and more attention to the emission of volatile organic gases in the atmosphere. Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, have many types of gases and are easily spread. At present, governance is also a "difficult situation" and it is an urgent issue at the moment.

As a refrigeration and temperature control equipment company from China, LNEYA has been established for more than ten years, focusing on various refrigeration heating dynamic temperature control systems and VOCs gas condensation recovery devices, introducing volatile VOCS gas into the equipment cold box (the device is more condensed) Temperature 3 ° C -40 ° C -75 ° C -115 ° C) can be customized for other temperature zones, follow-up demand for gradual condensing liquefaction, part of the continuous production process in the low temperature section has done a two-way switching process (one side of the ice block, but directly Switch to another heat exchange cold box for condensation, while the ice block side is used for defrost treatment).

The state increases environmental protection supervision and promotes industry development

With the continuous development of environmental supervision, a number of policies and standards have been introduced for VOCs gas emissions. Many enterprises that have not been valued have already tasted bitter results. Now they have to actively face VOCs gas emission problems. The VOCs emission industry, which was not valued at present, has been included in the key regulatory scope, and the entire industry is moving towards a healthier development direction. It is a very good news for companies that make VOCs gas condensation recovery devices. Emissions companies pay more attention to pollution emissions, and will also invest relative funds to purchase environmentally friendly treatment equipment for VOCs gas condensate recovery units. Therefore, there will be more market opportunities for VOCs gas condensate recovery equipment suppliers. In the future, the prospects for the environmental protection market for VOCs gas condensate recovery units will become more and more broad.

Green Power - VOCs Gas Condensation Recovery Unit Stands Out

For the control of VOCs, there are many conventional VOCs treatment technologies on the market, such as combustion method and activated carbon adsorption method. Most of these conventional technologies have high operating costs, secondary pollution, narrow application range, etc. Aspects also limit the development process of China's VOCs emission reduction. Therefore, the demand for new VOCs governance technology is also increasing. The LNEYA VOCs gas condensate recovery unit adopts a condensation adsorption process. The gas is cooled by transferring heat to the refrigerant in the condensing unit heat exchanger, and the oil vapor is supersaturated by the difference in the saturated vapor pressure at different temperatures. The condensed liquid is directly recovered, and a small part of the gas enters the latter unit for reprocessing. This green treatment method is deeply loved by users and contributes to China's environmental protection cause.

The light of technology leads the industry

LNEYA provides customers with high-quality services with professional technology and innovative ideas, and contributes to China's environmental governance. At the same time, LNEYA will focus on solving customers' wide temperature refrigeration heating temperature control problems and reducing refrigeration heating system performance. Cost, provide competitive system solutions and services, continue to create greater value for customers, continue to carry out technological innovation, while exerting core technological advantages, continuously improve and upgrade products according to customer needs. Give more users more convenient and practical environmental products and solutions, and make a modest contribution to the environmental protection market.
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